Konrad Wilk Konrad Wilk

Konrad Wilk – Orange Tree of Life founder and creator.

Through Orange Tree of Life® he focuses on coaching with a capital „C”. He works with people who are ready for a real self development experience that may bring deep and always possitive change in every aspect of their career and professional life. He helps managers to grow conscious leadership abilities based on the newest achievements of business psychology. He changes teams into highly effective dream teams. True You© author True You© is a unique, complex program of discovering personal authenticity and building a conscious personal brand. The program consists of two stages:
– Personal Authenticity Process
– Self Success Structure Education and Experience Certified by Multi-Level Coaching, Trop Group, ICF credentialed coach, mentor, trainer, lecturer, motivation speaker.

Breakthrough is a chance
He helps people on the turning point or the edge between certain periods of their life: problems and challnges, new job, job loss, profession change, branch change, business start up, rebranding, burn out, financial and relation problems, divorce, sickness, lack of life sense, motivation, foggy future, no passion etc.

Humble wisdom
He is systematically supervised by the biggest coaching authorities. He grows instantly, learns and discovers. He becomes a better human and professional for himself and for his clients.

A man with a torch
He is a demanded speaker invited to various conferences, seminaries, discussion panels, firms and companies. He’s been giving speeches and conducting workshops at best Polish Universities eg. Warsaw School of Economics, Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, Warsaw University, Jagiellonski University in Cracow, Poznan University of Economics, Collegium Civitas in Warsaw etc.

Business experience
He graduated (Master in Marketing and Management) from Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw – according to “Financial Times” – the best educational institution in Poland and Central Europe. Working in different publishing houses he climbed up to the position of an advertising department director. Since 2004 he’s been running his own broker agency. It is his wife who has been in charge of the business for the last 8 years.

He is passionate about writing and he writes a lot. In 2011 he published a traveling – self – development book “Naga Asu”. Another book „True You©. How to grow up to yourself – six steps to self success”* about personal authenticity and personal branding will appear on the market in 2015. He loves travelling. While travelling round the globe he fell in love with south Asia, and he became an expert in that part of the world. As a licenced tour leader he takes people to the most fascinating places on Earth. He is fond of jazz and classic music. He is a mountains lover, diver and long distance runner. He’s got a few marathons completed.

He’s written more than 100 articles about traveling, self – development, personal authenticity, personal branding and business coaching. They’ve been published in various magazines such as: „Sukces”, „L’Eclat”, „Trendy Art of Living”, „BusinessWoman & Life”, „Fine Life”, „Top Class”, „Business Traveller”, „Ludzie Sukcesu”, „Business Voice”,
„Network Magazine” , etc.

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