The idea

On May 31st 2015 I was driving on a highway back home to Warsaw. For the previous weeks and months I was thinking intensly how do I scale the service that I do, how can I share the message and ideas with the whole world, how do I make this thing go global. And then it hit me…

We do have Independence Day to celebrate our independence, we do have Valentine’s Day to celeberate with our loved ones, we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Writing Day, Kissing Day, Hugging Day – why shouldn’t we have a Personal Branding Day?

To make things event tougher I gave this idea a month to concrete, then set a very ambitious deadline – August 20th 2015 and then on July 27th went live with the news.




So, what’s the idea behind this?

I love meeting, watching and reading people that have passion for what they do and have succeeded in a certain field. The only way to give you the full spectum and beauty of personal branding the way we see it is to share with you differnt stories and opinions. This what makes this event so special. A look at one of the most important things for each of us from different and sometimes surprising angles.

The main goal is to reach and inspire as many people as possible. This is why this event is free. All speakers dedicated their precious time and resources to show up here for you. A big thank you to all of them!

Here’s the list of the people who have contribiuted to this event, even though they might not know they had. This is the true power of inspiration!


Personal Branding = Leadership = Creativity = Inspiration

We do want do go beyond the regular personal branding approach. In previous year I have gained experience from different sources: from business and marketing, personal development, great books, courses, trainings, workshops and great, but still humble masters in different areas. The idea is to look at the personal branding from different perspectives to give you knowledge, insights, models and ways to improve your skills.


Give & Take

I strongly believe that there is no greater purpose than service to others.

Piotr Grzadziel 2For years I have been successfully building big international brands. Now with even greater passion I work with people, building their own personal brands and making their dream come true. It is an honor to serve others this way.

If you have read the awesome book by Adam M. Grant “Give and Take” you’d know that those who choose to give and share their gifts with others exceed on almost all dimenson. So this is my way of giving the best of me to you – Personal Branding Day.





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Personal Branding Day


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