This is a thank you note to all the brave harts that have inspired me along my way to make this thing happen. I salute you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…


The international crew

Seth Godin – for his great insights, passion and being true to himself
Simon Sinek & Stephen Shedletzky – these guys know Why they do what they do, and they share it with the rest of us
Tony Robbins – for living with passion and sharing that with the world
Les Brown – for his open heart and true love
David Neenan – for appearing on my path at the right moment and showing me the true story of “Business & You”
Dan Millman – for a great live story that has changed my life
Bo Eason – for his commitment to being the best. I absolutely adore it.
Chip & Dan Heath – for their great work in “Made to Stick”, “Switch” and “Decisive” – they have worked for me.
Jim Collins – for his work on “From good to great” that had an impact on my Top Personal Branding project
Garry Keller – for one thing and the one thing only :)
Andrew Warner – for his great idea that spreads the great news around
Gary Vaynerchuk – for his “thank you economy” and “1 is greater than 0” and hundreds of other things…
Ya’akov Darling Khan – for showing me how to find my inner dancer and all the great work he does to make this Earth a better place
John Lim – for his passion, commitment and great ideas that will…
Jeff Weiner – for linking all the great people around the world together
Geoff Welch – for his great work “Powered By Humanity” and his great story
Adam M. Grant – for giving more and showing us how precious that is
Phil Pallen – for his style, insights and passion for what he does
Friedbert Gay – for coming up with the idea of showing people in an easy way how to understand our behavior
Josh Walzkin – for showing me the Art of Learning


The Polish crew

Lukasz Milewski: for proving that no matter where you live, you can make your dream come true and influence millions of people
Mateusz Grzesiak: for passion, hard work, delivering on his plans and not giving up
Lukasz Gatnicki: a true treasure that world is about to find
Mariusz Sroczynski: does real magic with tai-chi and his attitude towards life


My family

Justyna: my soul mate who is always there for me :*

Julian: our little hero that inspires us every single day

My father, mother and sister: for everything they have done for me

My grandparents, who lived bravely in tough times and happily after that

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