[video] John Lynch – 10 ½ lessons on Surviving a Severe Business Crisis

Well, it took me a while to get back to you after the Personal Branding Day, but the materials that are to follow are really worth waiting for.

We start off with one of my favorite presenations: “John Lynch – 10 ½ lessons on Surviving  a Severe Business Crisis”. A true and inspiring story from one of the top entrepreneurs in Poland. He’s got some real great stories to share so invest 12 minutes to get to know what he leared about business and his approach.


John’s Lessons (watch the video to learn more)

  1. Keep living life
  2. Beware of advice
  3. When to trust your gut
  4. Carry a notepad
  5. Read the Art of War (Sun Tzu)
  6. About Crash&Die
  7. The importance of plan B
  8. Distance from bad news
  9. Use humor
  10. You can’t go it alone
    10 ½ Arts, Culture, Media – Keep the faith!

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