[video] Phil Pallen – a complete branding process in 3 steps

Here is another classic from the Personal Branding Day Conference. A complete personal branding process in 3 steps by Phil Pallen.

He will teach you how to build your own personal brand based on the process designed while working with celebrities, experts, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The whole concept is around 3 key elements:

  • position
  • build
  • promote

You will learn why it is crucial to replicate your in person experience while building a personal brand.  Also pay attention to the fresh concept of personality vs. content and see how it will look like for your personal brand.

There is a lot more do discover at Phil’s presentation. Find out what he’s got to say about social media and Twitter in particular.

Just in case you want to get in touch with Phil during or after watching this presentation just send him a tweet @PhilPallen  – use this awesome opportunity talk to a true expert.

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